Dentists needs in the field of interpersonal communication

To find out dentists needs we have prepared in farme of the international survey the same questionnaire and distributed it among dentists in four countries. The questionnaire was available in English as well as in national languages: German, Greek, Polish and Romanian. The questionnaires were filled in with answers given by professionally active dentists. Methods of survey conducting used were: via internet inquire survey, collecting questionnaires in the hard paper versions filled by dentists in during one-to-one visits as well as collecting forms during national and international dentists fair.

Let us present you some findings:

  • More than 78% of dentists in European countries taking part in the project, expressed their strong need for education and training in the subject of communication skills at their medical work on the high, strong and very strong level.
  • The range of issues in the question of interpersonal communication important for dentists is wide but dentists underline specially the need for deepen knowledge in the field of establishing satisfying relationship with a patient, knowing the techniques how to deal with crisis situations with patients, work with patients with fear of medical interventions, developing effective communication skills and knowledge of anti-stress techniques.
  • Communication with the patient was also the main subject (apart from the medical aspect), in which dentists would like to be trained more, especially at the beginning of their practice, mentioned by most of interviewed dentists.

Belowe you will find answers for question

In what fields would like to have had additional knowledge and skills at the beginning of your professional activity as a medical dentist?

comdent data 2016_1


comdent data 2016_2


Source:  COMDENT “International comparative analysis of dentists needs in terms of interpersonal communication with patient”

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