Patient answer – What do you especially appreciate in the dental service?

In order to understand the needs of the European dental patients in contacts with a dentist asked patients in four countries of the European Union “What do you especially appreciate in the dental service?”

Patients responded to the survey in our international project COMDENT. The question is allowed to comment anonymously nearly 700 European patients. The survey showed that European patients first appreciate the polite service and nice contact with a dentist – this corresponds to 17% to 20% of patients (in all the countries in the first place-outside Austria Polish – where this need is in second place). At the European level in second place, patients indicated as an important competence of professional qualifications and the ability to dental treatment (with an average of 16% at European level. Equally important for patients is a good feeling when visiting, as well as the dentist takes care that procedure was the least painful and provides anesthesia (15% on average at the European level).


Beside the professional knowledge the patients appreciate a polite service, a nice contact with the dentist and in result to that a comfort during the visit. So more social skills are useful! :)

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