Training – Advance interpersonal communication for dentists

Let us invite you to the training on “Advance interpersonal communication for dentists,  focusing on patients with fear of medical intervention”.

Proposed level of Qualification Framework: The training corresponds to level 6 with some elements of level 7 of European Qualification Framework.

Participants. Training is dedicated for professionally active dentists – people with higher medical education (Medical University) with specialization or faculty in Dentistry. Participants shall have higher university dental-medical education and professional experience with working with dental patient. Only people that fulfill above requirements can take a part in the training and achieve qualification.

Time of training. Training is designed to be realized in five educational training modules in two full training days (at least 16 training hours).

Diploma. After successful completing of the training (positive passing the test and observation), participant will receive Diploma of training completion on ”Advance dental interpersonal communication, emphasizing on patients with fear of medical intervention”

Training is prepared on very advance level and includes educational tools that shall not be used by person without proper psychological and training knowledge and experience.

The training can be run by experience trainer that has to fulfill at least following requirements.

  • Trainer shall have high education on the University level;
  • Trainer has to be certified as a trainer by independent institution;training_front_mini
  • Trainer has to have at least of 500 hours of training experience documented and verified by relevant documentation and institution;
  • Trainer shall have training skills especially with working with client with a fear or phobia;
  • Trainer shall have education or training in the field of phobia or/and fear confirmed by training certificate or diploma.
  • Additionaly, trainer can have the knowledge on neuro-science techniques and programming;

For more detailed information please contacy us: or directly Project’s Partners in Austria, Grece, Poland, Romania

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