Transnational intensive expert work on interpersonal communication in Athens

On 28-29 of June 2016 International COMDENT Team of experts was verifying final dentists’ needs analysis in interpersonal communication and based on those was preparing the training program.  One part of the training will be dedicated to interpersonal communication, establishment of good contact with patient in professional dental practice.

Communication with the patient was also the main subject (apart from the medical aspect), in which dentists would like to be trained more, especially at the beginning of their practice, mentioned by most of interviewed dentists.

The range of issues of interpersonal communication important for dentists is wide but in survey dentists underline specially the need for deepen knowledge in the field of establishing satisfying relationship with a patient, knowing the techniques how to deal with crisis situations with patients, work with patients with fear of medical interventions, developing effective communication skills and knowledge of anti-stress techniques.

Those issues will be included in the COMDENT training. More details soon :)

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